Mayor Spano to Boston: Great Cities Think Alike

Mayor Wishes Generation Boston Much Success, Sends Package from Yonkers

YONKERS, NY (November 2014) –Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, after hearing about The Boston Globe’s Generation Boston project on social media, wished Publisher John W. Henry much success in the organization’s efforts to reach, report and market to millennials.

As part of a good natured message released today, Spano touted the success of the Generation Yonkers campaign and sent the publisher a package of gifts from the City of Yonkers including tasty treats and goods from some of Yonkers well-known businesses including the Greyston Bakery, Empire City Casino, Yonkers Brewery, Kawasaki Rail Car and Domino Sugar to name a few.

“We’ve had great success with our Generation Yonkers campaign and we wish you much success as well,” Spano said in a video message posted on Generation Yonkers’ website and social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The mayor also invited the publisher to see Yonkers for himself, suggesting it’s a convenient stop on the way to Yankee Stadium. (Henry owns the Boston Red Sox).

In a letter sent with the gift package to The Boston Globe publisher, Spano asks “What’s 177 miles apart but closer than ever? Yonkers, NY and Boston, MA.”

“On the face of it, one might reflect on our differences—accents, sports loyalties, cuisine (pizza vs. chowda?). Recently though, we’ve had reason to reflect on our similarities. After successfully launching our Generation Yonkers (GenY) marketing campaign last year, we know the importance of the millennial market and the appeal great cities, like Yonkers and Boston, hold for this enviable group of movers, shakers and decision makers,” Spano wrote. “We truly believe that like great minds, great cities think alike.  So if you’re ever in the area (or en route to Yankee Stadium), come by and visit us here in Yonkers. Best of luck with your campaign.”

The friendly letter and gift package comes months after Yonkers launched its highly successful and ongoing Generation Yonkers campaign targeting millennials and cutting edge decision makers.  As part of a wide-reaching television and radio campaign, Generation Yonkers aired nearly 1,000 commercial spots over 10 weeks on ESPN, FOX News, FOX sports, the NFL Network, TBS, News12, FIOS1 News and WCBS Radio, which includes exclusive sponsorship of the opening bell coverage, named The Generation Yonkers Opening Bell Report.

Generation Yonkers speaks to Millennials or Generation Y, loosely defined as those born between 1983 and the early 2000’s that represent the next big wave of the nation’s workforce. Generation Yonkers also refers to the many generations — past, present and future — that have made Yonkers great.

The campaign builds on the momentum of many new businesses and exciting development happening throughout the city — particularly along its scenic Hudson River waterfront. The commercials promote Yonkers as the next urban frontier and as a great place for people to live, work and play. The spots highlight companies such as high-tech startup MindSpark, biotech company ContraFect, innovative consulting firm The Energy Project, and the soon-to-be opening Yonkers Brewing Co., which is currently transforming a historic trolley barn overlooking the river into a brewery.

The campaign represents the first time under Mayor Spano that the City has marketed itself to the New York Metropolitan area. Generation Yonkers was developed by the Westchester-based advertising and marketing agency Thompson & Bender.

Yonkers is inspiring a whole new generation of business leaders. Be part of Generation Yonkers. For a list of properties that fit your needs, call 1-844-GenY-Now. To view the commercials, visit