Artwork to Be Displayed at City’s Newest Public Space, Phase III of the Saw Mill River Daylighting Project


YONKERS, NY – January 24, 2019 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, in collaboration with the City’s Department of Planning & Development, is calling for submissions of art to be displayed at the Phase III of the Saw Mill River Daylighting Park at New Main Street.  The call to artists aims to connect residents and visitors with original works of art, inspire creativity and continue the revitalization of Yonkers’ waterfront district.

“Yonkers is quickly becoming a destination City for artists to live, work and exhibit,” said Mayor Mike Spano.  “Daylighting III is one of the most unique urban revitalization projects in New York State.  By local artists contributing to the space, it will only enhance this new and exciting downtown destination for our residents.”

Submissions should be sculpture-themed and should relay themes of environmental awareness, such as the paramount role of the Saw Mill River influencing the return of wildlife native to the area.  Another encouraged theme is Veterans due to the presence of the City’s Department of Veterans’ Services, located across from the park.

Public artwork from local artists has been a key component at Daylighting I at Van der Donck Park and at Daylighting II at the Mill Street Courtyard which has brought attention to Yonkers as a new arts and cultural center.


Artists should submit a proposal that includes a narrative describing how their work conveys the theme, specifications such as medium, size, and weight, and the Photoshop rendering of the sculpture. Artists should also include their artist statement, bio, and website. All artists must send progress photos of their work during the duration of its production.

Each artist is responsible for bringing their sculptures on site for execution on Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Personal tours of the park will be provided if requested on weekdays between the hours of 2-4PM. The City will be accepting only one sculpture submission per artist.

The submission deadline is February 11th by noon and must be sent to : CallForArtists@yonkersny.gov.  Visit  www.YonkersNY.gov/Sculpture for more details.

Artists will be notified on Friday, February 22 if their artwork has been selected.

The Daylighting of the Saw Mill River is a multi-phase development which encompasses new urban river and parks through the heart of downtown Yonkers. Prior to the completion of these projects, the Saw Mill River was buried for nearly a century beneath the City through the 1890s-1920s. The first phase of the daylighted river near the City’s train station, now known as Van Der Donck Park, was completed in 2012 and Phase II at the Mill Street Courtyard was accomplished in 2016. Completed in 2018, Daylighting III is a forward-looking, public oasis that provides the community with accessible green space and an opportunity to connect with the newly uncovered river.