Looking For Affordable Office Space, NYC? Try Yonkers

If running your business out of a converted closet while bumping elbows with ten bootstrapping wannapreneurs doesn’t appeal to you, maybe it’s time to consider looking beyond Manhattan for affordable office space in NY.

Believe it or not, it exits—and only 30 minutes from Grand Central.

Welcome to Yonkers, a true hidden gem, where office space is double the size and a fraction of the cost of its oversaturated southern counterpart.

The Best Office Space NYC Alternative: Yonkers

While everyone else seems to think they need to be in Manhattan, Hoboken, or Brooklyn—smart companies are moving outside of the big city limits. They flock to Yonkers in search of affordable office space—but stay for everything else it has to offer.

“Yonkers is the best kept secret in the New York Metro area. We’ve got it all. Excellent schools, low crime rate, diverse housing, modern and affordable office space, a great mix of businesses, lively culture, exceptional retail opportunities, fabulous restaurants and spectacular Hudson River views. And we’re only 25 minutes by train to Grand Central Station,” boasts Mayor Mike Spano.

From industrial, commercial, and warehouse space in the Nepperhan Vally; to expansive corporate parks on the northern border; to retail and office locations throughout the city—Yonkers has an office space to fit your company’s needs.

Become a part of the new and inspired generation of business leaders successfully exploiting all the city has to offer…build, relocate or grow your business in Yonkers.