Mobile App to Assist Residents with Garbage & Recycling Schedules Daily 

March 19, 2019 — Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced that the City of Yonkers has launched the “Recycle Coach” app to assist Yonkers residents reduce their household waste, recycle easier and receive instant updates on their personal garbage pick-up schedules.  The partnership between the Yonkers Department of Information Technology and Recycle Coach offers the app free of charge for residents who choose to participate.

“Yonkers is excited to join the ‘Recycle Coach’ network, which will transform how we communicate local garbage and recycling information to our residents,” said Mayor Mike Spano. “Like other major cities, I feel our residents will benefit greatly from this technology and I thank the Yonkers Department of Information Technology for all of their hard work on this project.”

Residents can access “Recycle Coach,” free of charge, from mobile devices, or through digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The platform makes it easy for residents to receive local garbage disposal information for thousands of household items when they need it.

Bob Cacace, Commissioner of City of Yonkers Department of Information Technology, added, “This technology is a great way for Yonkers residents to stay organized with their garbage and recycling collection schedule, event calendars and receive pick-up reminders.”

The “Recycle Coach” platform also includes engagement and educational tools to help people manage and correctly dispose of their waste.

“For Yonkers, this will translate into higher recycling rates, less contamination in our recycling streams and building upon our reputation as the leading Green City in Westchester County,” said Tom Meier, Commissioner of the City of Yonkers Public Works Department.

Residents who are interested can download the Recycle Coach app for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play.  For more information on the Yonkers Recycling Guide and on Recycle Coach, visit www.YonkersNY.gov.

About Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach empowers municipalities with tools that connect residents to local waste and recycling information when they need it. Trusted by over 3,000 municipalities across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Recycle Coach was founded in 2001 with a simple goal in mind: to make recycling easy for everyone. To learn more, visit www.RecycleCoach.com.