YONKERS, NY – April 30, 2018 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano announced today as part of its continued climate actions and efforts to protect environmental health, the City of Yonkers is teaming up with 511NYRideshare in becoming a Clean Air NY Community Partner – linking residents to a free ridematch program and offering resources and information for residents to go ‘green’ on their daily commute. The program focuses on reducing air pollution from vehicle emissions, which according to 511NYRideshare, account for nearly one third of all air pollution in the New York metropolitan region.  Transportation accounts for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and is the second leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country after electricity.

There are many simple ways residents can take action to lower their impact on air pollution from cutting back on vehicle idling, to participating in a carpool or by using alternative means of transportation.  The program aims to provide the information and resources needed to help people make changes that support their lifestyle, and a healthier environment.

“It is no secret that vehicle emissions are a direct hazard to environmental and human health,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano.  “By teaming up with 511NYRideshare, we are offering a great resource to help residents do their part to cut down on air pollution by sharing a ride with a co-worker or friend nearby.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with the City of Yonkers and applaud their efforts to reduce traffic congestion by encouraging their employees and residents to rideshare and choose more environmentally friendly commute options,” said Kate Brangaccio, Director of Marketing for 511NY Rideshare.

The program also serves to provide residents with alerts on “Air Quality Action Days,” when air quality may be unhealthy for at-risk individuals, including those with heart and lung problems, senior citizens, children and those who are more sensitive to air pollution.

On Air Quality Action Days, the City of Yonkers will alert residents of poor air quality on and all @CityofYonkers social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.  Taking action to reduce vehicle emissions on Air Quality Action Days is especially important in lowering air pollution for the benefit of those most susceptible to its negative health impacts. 

“Congratulations to the City of Yonkers for their work in becoming a Clean Air NY Community Partner.  Through their efforts, the City is helping to improve air quality in the Lower Hudson Valley.  We look forward to recognizing them as a leader in the community,” added Jessica Horne, Clean Air NY Program Manager. 

Those interested in registering for the FREE Ridematching Program, more information on air pollution and ways to make a difference can visit and 

Clean Air NY offers simple, everyday ways you can reduce vehicle use and air pollution. To learn more, email and follow Clean Air” on Facebook and Twitter.

511NY Rideshare is New York State’s home for ridematching, commuter and traveler services that can help you find a smarter and greener way to get where you’re going. They provide information and resources to help commuters, travelers and employers find easy, affordable, and appealing alternatives to driving alone.